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Daniel Gates


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Jalil Hackett

KahShad Elliot

Kentavias Slay

Lamar Odoms

Malik Nelson

Quincey Williams

Trinidad Vargas

Ragaleek Bartee

Zahir Ibn Muhammad Abdus-Soilaam



24 Jr. Amateur Boxers (8 current #1 Jr. Amateur Champions)
Ages 12 -17
15 Boxing Coaches
Teams traveled from Maryland, New Jersey, North Carolina, Nevada, Tennessee, and Texas


The Russell’s have put the challenge out to other World Champions to take the time and hand-pick their team of youth amateur boxers ages 12 - 17. Every participating World Champion would mentor, co-train a team with the goal of bringing these groups together and compete. There are a lot of talented youth boxers who are yearning for the chance to take their boxing skills to the next level.


Team Russell launched their highly competitive Jr. Amateur Invitational - Jr. Camp and Team Selection over three intense days in February 2016 for boxers and their coaches.  Each member of Team Russell was engaged in facilitating the day to day logistics of the camp. Friday morning consisted of completing the preliminary details such as registration, providing an overview, and an opportunity to educate the Jr. boxer's and their coaches on the importance of proper nutrition by hosting a healthy eating and smoothie prep workshop.


Team Russell is looking for well-rounded athletes, not just in the ring but outside. Each boxer was interviewed one-on-one on camera to see how well spoken they are when posed with unexpected questions followed by professional headshots. 


Teams had been sizing up one another all day.  Friday, evening kicked off the first round of sparring. This was Team Russell’s first glimpse at some of the top amateur fighters in the country.


As boxers completed their first round of sparring, Gary Antonio Russell and Gary Allan Russell each waited outside a boxers corner to provide performance feedback. Both Russell’s wanted to see how well the boxers listened, asked questions, understood, and if they are able to translate the feedback into Saturday and Sunday’s sparring sessions.


Saturday morning began with an unexpected 3-mile run lead by Gary Antonio. A lot of the boxers and their coaches were caught off guard with the run. Most agreed that running was not something they had really incorporated into their workout regiment. Once the boxers returned from their run they were broken into four rotation groups leading by example WBC World Featherweight Champion, “Mr.” Gary Russell, Jr. participated in the workout.


As the intensity increased, Gary, Jr. motivated and encouraged the boxers to push to the limit. The Russell's wanted to see what kind of endurance these fighters possessed. By Sunday morning, teams had time to reflect on their Saturday performance and those who came up short was ready to prove themselves one last time. Everybody knew this was the last day to leave an impression on their opponents and Team Russell.


As the teams entered the Russell’s Enigma Boxing Gym, Team Russell told the guys to get ready for their final 5k run. This run was all about speed and time. After the run, they were given 15 minutes to get ready for the last and final sparring session.


Everyone recognize the atmosphere had gotten serious and quiet, the mindset throughout the gym was “leave it all in the ring”. The boxers had to be ready to bring their A-game for the final sparring session in hopes to earn a spot on the highly sought after Team Russell. 


After Sunday’s final sparring sessions teams returned later that evening for dinner and a closing ceremony. All the fighters were presented with Team Gary Russell participation certificates and donated items from the WBC (World Boxing Council) and Everlast.


The abundance of donated Everlast boxing equipment really added that touch of “class” to the closing ceremony. Fighters and coaches were impressed with the Everlast donated glove bags, various designs of hand-wraps, and the huge water bottles.


The WBC also stepped up and added value to the donated Everlast glove bags by contributing WBC skulley caps, patches and stickers.


The evening concluded with Gary Jr., Gary Antonio, Gary Allan handing out special awards to select boxers. 



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